Nonprofit Discounts

So many companies are offering great discounts and free accounts for nonprofit organizations. Here is a quick list of what we have found so far!

Please note: all of these discounts have different eligibility requirements. Check each website for their terms.


Canva – Free Access to Canva Pro for up to 10 users.

A quick and easy design service for everything from social media posts, signs, printable flyers, and more. The Pro account lets you level up your designs!

Canva Nonprofit Discount

MailChimp – 15% discount to nonprofits and charities.

Send newsletters with style! Manage your subscribers, add great designs to your donor communications, segment with tags and groups, and more.

MailChimp Nonprofit Discount

LinkTree – Free LinkTree Pro Account

Help your followers quickly find important or recent content by highlighting it on your LinkTree. Use on social media, websites, and even your email signature. You can feature your latest blog post, a new appeal, a link to your donate button, or a place to sign up for your newsletter. There are a ton of ways to use this great tool.

LinkTree Nonprofit Discount

Organization/Business Tools

ToDoist – 50% off

So many things to do, so little time, and so many to do lists! Keep in all in one handy app you can manage from multiple devices. Assign priorities, due dates, and share/assign to team members.

ToDoist Nonprofit Discount

G Suite for Nonprofits – Free

Does your nonprofit use Gmail and other Google tools? Setup G Suite for Nonprofits with unlimited users G Suite to get a professional email address (no more – have a domain name for your nonprofit!), shared calendars, shared drives, and the Google suite of docs, sheets, forms, and more.

G Suite Nonprofit Discount

Stripe – Fee Discount

Using Stripe for donations? If 80% of your Stripe transactions on Stripe are donations and you have nonprofit status, you can receive a reduced processing fee! Check out the link below on how to apply directly with Stripe.

Stripe NonProfit Discount

Zapier – 15% Discount off plans

From their website: “Zapier lets you easily automate your daily workload—the organization, reminders, and sometimes even the work itself! The best part? Non-profits get a 15% discount on any plan to enjoy all of Zapier’s premium features.”

Zapier is an amazing tool that can automate and connect software systems without need to know any coding whatsoever. It really does make work easier.

Apply for the Zapier Nonprofit Discount

DocuSign IMPACT – up to 30% off for US-based NonProfits

From their website: “DocuSign is committed to helping nonprofits of all sizes easily and securely sign and request signatures on donor gift forms, volunteer waivers, HR paperwork, and more.”

Get the Docusign Discount

For Pretty Much Anything You Can Think Of


Looking to purchase/subscribe to something for your nonprofit? Did you check TechSoup first? With a huge list of available discounts, they are always a great place to check for any nonprofit looking for use a software or app. They even have hardware discounts available!

TechSoup Product Discounts

Disclaimer: This post is informational only! All of these discounts were valid at the time of posting. KDW Consulting Services has no influence over the availability of these discounts and cannot guarantee any organization will receive the listed discount by linking from this page. KDW Consulting Services does not receive any compensation for providing these links.

Applications Everywhere!

How KDW Consulting Services Can Help

So many apps, so little time! With all of the software and applications available, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one works for your business or nonprofit.

Will it do what you need?

Will it fit your budget?

Is it easy to use and to train others to use?

How much technical skill do you need to manage it?

How do you get your current information into a new system?

These are all questions KDW Consulting Services can help you answer. We can find the right application in the right budget that you can use and manage with confidence.

Track your data, integrate with marketing platforms and mailing lists, create meaningful reports, and communicate with your customers/donors.

Services include implementation, data migration, and training services – everything you need to get working with your new software solution.

Case Study: Finding the Right System

A nonprofit client wanted to implement a Donor Management System (also referred to as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application). As a young nonprofit with a small team, they need to work efficiently to manage donations and donors, mailing lists, class offerings, hard copy mailings and templates, and more.

Their existing systems included multiple files in multiple applications, handwritten notes, and lots of manual work. They wanted an integrated, budget-friendly system to help them work smarter and faster and could automate key tasks.

We started off with their requirements and budget, then dove into the wish list. When implementing a new application, don’t limit yourself to the basics! Once we make sure your requirements are met, we can look for those extras that take your work to the next level.

KDW provided a written recommendations report with application research results and what applications were the best options for this nonprofit. They decided on Little Green Light*. It was a perfect fit: it captured all of their donors and mailing list subscribers, automates letters with custom templates, tracks relationships (including emails with donors), has robust and highly-customizable reporting, includes task management for teams, integrates with MailChimp and Quickbooks Online, has customizable forms for websites that populate right into the database, and was priced right.

KDW ran the implementation ensuring settings, users, and tables were properly set-up and imported all existing donors, events, mailing list subscribers, and gifts into the application. KDW made sure the application was fully customized to the nonprofit’s needs, that users and administrators were trained, and also provided a customized user guide.

What was a bunch of different systems is now one coordinated application that can manage most of their operations, handle lots of growth, and has the potential to take on more tasks as additional functionalities are utilized.

Are you ready to implement a system like this in your nonprofit or business?

Contact KDW Consulting Services today!

*Affiliate link: If your nonprofit signs up through the link above, KDW Consulting Services and/or your nonprofit may receive a referral credit.