Case Study: Finding the Right System

A nonprofit client wanted to implement a Donor Management System (also referred to as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application). As a young nonprofit with a small team, they need to work efficiently to manage donations and donors, mailing lists, class offerings, hard copy mailings and templates, and more.

Their existing systems included multiple files in multiple applications, handwritten notes, and lots of manual work. They wanted an integrated, budget-friendly system to help them work smarter and faster and could automate key tasks.

We started off with their requirements and budget, then dove into the wish list. When implementing a new application, don’t limit yourself to the basics! Once we make sure your requirements are met, we can look for those extras that take your work to the next level.

KDW provided a written recommendations report with application research results and what applications were the best options for this nonprofit. They decided on Little Green Light*. It was a perfect fit: it captured all of their donors and mailing list subscribers, automates letters with custom templates, tracks relationships (including emails with donors), has robust and highly-customizable reporting, includes task management for teams, integrates with MailChimp and Quickbooks Online, has customizable forms for websites that populate right into the database, and was priced right.

KDW ran the implementation ensuring settings, users, and tables were properly set-up and imported all existing donors, events, mailing list subscribers, and gifts into the application. KDW made sure the application was fully customized to the nonprofit’s needs, that users and administrators were trained, and also provided a customized user guide.

What was a bunch of different systems is now one coordinated application that can manage most of their operations, handle lots of growth, and has the potential to take on more tasks as additional functionalities are utilized.

Are you ready to implement a system like this in your nonprofit or business?

Contact KDW Consulting Services today!

*Affiliate link: If your nonprofit signs up through the link above, KDW Consulting Services and/or your nonprofit may receive a referral credit.

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